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Why Use Front Row Fans?

So Many Benefits

Front Row

Engage Your Viewers

Celebrate your top viewers with a coveted spot on your Front Row.


Your viewers will remain engaged with a variety of gestures all the while giving you feedback.

Additional Monetization

Earn more bits per stream! Viewers can acquire their very own fan on your stream's Front Row when giving Bits.

Easy Install

Front Row is a simple OBS browser source that you can place and size to your liking.
Why Use Front Row Fans?

Fun for Streamers & Viewers

Just like any other leaderboard, the Front Row creates a sense of competition as viewers will try and outbid each other throughout the stream. There are only seven precious spots; so increasing your bid to bump somebody off will be a fun and rewarding competitive experience!

Benefits for the Streamer

To the streamer, the Front Row is a fun, interactive leaderboard that highlights supporters of the stream. It gives them a chance to express themselves and feel more appreciated by becoming a part of the stream. Use this extension to earn a LOT more Bits per stream!

Benefits for the Viewer

To the viewer, the front row is a rewarding experience that makes supporting their favorite streamer almost addictive. Once they’ve given Twitch Bits and taken a “seat” on the Front Row, they can show the streamer (and everyone else) exactly how they’re feeling by using one of the many gestures in the avatar control panel.


Get More Bits

  • Increase Bits
    Up to % More Bits

Your loyal viewers love to show their appreciation for you with their generosity. That won't change, but now they'll be more likely to give more since they are getting more value with the chat bubble, custom characters and showing off their moves on your Front Row.

And those that are on the fence will be more likely to give Bits to attain that prominent Front Row prestige.

Front Row Fan Options

Fan Options

And more added every week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make money using the Front Row Extension?
Yes! Enabling the Front Row Extension on your stream will automatically make your stream more engaging and interactive which will encourage users to spend their Bits while watching your stream. They won’t be able to resist bidding to get a spot on the Front Row of your stream once they see others doing it.
Can I customize the Front Row Fans?
Yes. As a streamer, you can choose from a variety of fan sets. We add new fans every week. Soon viewers will be able to choose their own fan and customize it with many options like hats, glasses and other accessories.
Does the Front Row Twitch Extension cost anything?
The extension is FREE to install and use, but with all bit-extensions Twitch automatically initiates a split of 80/20 on Bits spent within the extension. That means if a viewer uses 100 Bits within the Front Row Extension, Twitch will credit your account with 80 Bits and withhold 20 Bits. This will NOT affect Bits that are cheered in chat.
How long will Fans stay in the Front Row?
Currently, Front Row Fans will persist for 5 days. We are updating this very soon to be streamer configurable.
How do I get paid?
The payout of your Front Row revenue is handled by Twitch and comes together with your other Twitch income 15 days after the end of the month. If you are already receiving money from Twitch you don't need to take any actions. You can see insights of your Front Row revenue inside the Twitch dashboard. Third party platforms like Streamlabs or Streamelements are currently not able to track your Front Row Bits revenue.
Does Front Row work with Streamlabs/OBS/ Studio?
Yes! All live streaming software includes the option to add a Browser Source. That’s all you’ll need to do!
How can I install the Front Row Extension?
If you are a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, head to the Extensions page on Twitch and Click the purple “Install” button.

Once installed, you will need to configure the extension by copying the Browser Source URL at the bottom of the Extension Configuration Panel. Once copied, simply paste the URL into an OBS Browser Source.

We recommend a 533x93 size Browser Source (Width = 533 & Height = 93) but you can size the Browser Source however you would like.

Front Row releases new Features released each week.

Here are just a few of the new features released:

NEW! Notification & Alerts

Each time a viewer gives bits, a notification will appear in chat and an exciting alert appears in the video area.

NEW! Viewer Selectable Fans

Viewers can stand out by choosing from over a dozen fans for bits. Otherwise, they can use the default fan configured by the streamer.

NEW! More Gestures & Characters

Front Row has over a dozen characters and growing by the week. Select from cute kitten to knight in shining armor and everything in between!

Do you have any suggestions?

Drop us a line and let us know what you'd like to see with the Front Row.